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Working It Out

By 4th September 2012 No Comments

Training ideas from my workouts last week:

Monday Upper Body Exercises

I enjoy training my upper body because, for me, this is where I see the quickest results.

A reminder that I usually do 4 sets of each exercise in decreasing reps: 12, 10, 10, 8. The weight stayed the same for each set.

Many theories exist regarding when you should work your abs. We usually train my abdominals when I work my upper body or during a full body workout. I don’t work my abs when training legs, reason being—your abs are important for stability.

Start: 10 mins of any cardio to warm up. Do 2minutes of cardio in between each group of exercises

Group 1:

Chest Press



Kettle Bell Crunches

Group 2:

Tricep Dips

Lara Crunches

These were named after one of Carol’s students—Lara.

Keep your arms straight throught the movement

Kick Backs

Keep your elbow high

Push up

Bend your knees if this position is too difficult

Variations of the above exercises

Chest Press & Fly’s

Change the bench incline

Dips on a Pilates ball


And afterwards this is the expression that’ll be left on your face 😉




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