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Getting Rid of the Clutter

By 4th August 2012 No Comments

Question: which is more important—the seed or the soil?

Well…it doesn’t matter how awesome the potential on the inside of a seed is, if it’s placed in the wrong soil you’ll never get the chance to see it come to fruition. Put ANY individual in the right environment and voilà, purpose has the potential to be realised! The environment is vital! I can completely understand why we all need to be ‘Going Green’ when it comes to our physical environment but we should be Going Green in every type of environment we find ourselves in. By Going Green I mean, getting rid of the clutter, the noise, the nonsense, clearing your environment of whatever distracts you so that you can truly enjoy the physical and space mental space required to achieve your goal.

The space that you train in is crucial to achieving your fitness goals. If it doesn’t inspire you, motivate you, challenge yo, yet make you feel at ease then you’ll never stick to your routine, and you’ll never stick to your plan. I’ve been training at St Stithians’ HPC gym (pics below) for the last six months and although it’s no Virgin Active —I have a membership there too—I absolutely love it! It’s is a gritty, athletic, no-nonsense type of training environment. It’s a typical school gym, a place where athletes are made. I love it because I don’t have to worry about what I look like when I’m on my 40th lunge, the last set of exercises in a gruelling leg routine— 80% into my training session and I know the next 20 will bring me close to hurling! At Saints, we all pull our faces during the last few reps, scream in order to get that last set in and sweat like we’re training in the middle of the Kalahari at midday.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I can say that I probably wouldn’t enjoy a yoga class at the same gym. In that regard it doesn’t compare to Virgin Active’s tranquil, mood-lit pilates studio which features a zen garden and forest-ty decor. But I have the benefit of choice and there is something about the St’s gym that gets me to challenge myself just a little bit harder.

Do you feel inspired when you walk into your gym? Do you feel at ease, safe? You have to find the environment that works for you.20120804-133006.jpg20120804-134549.jpg20120804-134605.jpg20120804-134635.jpg20120804-134646.jpg20120804-141330.jpg










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