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The Glowing-Skin NutriBlast

By 20th March 2015 No Comments

I’ve been trying to juice more and last year when I took part in a cardiac health talk with Phillips SA, we were given Jason Vale’s The Funky Fresh Juice Book with an amazing array of juice and smoothie recipes. Having struggled with my skin for most of my life (eczema, dermatitis, acne) I always believed in the connection between poor skin and diet. Although the dermatologists I saw always refuted this, believing it was purely hereditary (something I do not completely agree with but that is for another post), many integrative nutritionists are proving otherwise. Jason Vale is one such person; he struggled with severe psoriasis for many years and through a change in diet and lifestyle he now lives psoriasis free with clear, glowing, healthy skin. He credits this turnaround to the inclusion of juicing into his health /diet regimen.

Well, he is referred to as the Juice Master so I decided to try out his Clear Skin Smoothie. Obviously only time and consistency will tell whether it works or not but it’s yummy enough to keep trying! The recipe calls for a juicer and blender and I’ll be using my NutriBullet for the blending. Check out his site www.juicemaster.com for free downloads and other delicious juice recipes.


I tweaked his recipe slightly, based on ingredients I had readily available.





Two Golden Delicious Apples


3cm slice

Fresh Ginger Root

2cm chunk




¼ medium


½ ripe

Mixed Seeds

1 Tbsp

Lecithin Granules

(I didn’t have but I added a scoop of superfood Green Vibrance)

Udo’s Oil

2 Tsp

I didn’t have so I used hemp seed oil. Check out UdoErasmus.com for more info and I believe Wellness Warehouse stocks it as well.


Juice the apples, pineapple, ginger, lemon and cucumber. Blend the avo, seeds, powder and oil. Add the juice, blend for 20s and gulp down a green sip of nourishment!


Bon appétit!



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