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The Best Things Come in Glass

By 10th March 2017 No Comments

“Sometimes you will never know the value of something,until it becomes a memory.” Dr Seuss

Kairos Moments

I love to collect things. They’re not necessarily valuable but they always tell a story….stubs of movie tickets, boarding passes, coasters from restaurants, bars and cafes. Because of this I’ve been dubbed a hoarder 🙂 and as I’ve moved from home to home, letting go of these collections of so-called junk has not been easy. In fact, I’d much rather give away shoes and clothing than let go of some of my treasures. “You’re a squirrel, a magpie collecting and storing things that only you see value in”…that’s what my family would say to me. I didn’t mind. I loved my treasures and more so, I loved the opportunity to share the stories surrounding them with anyone who was interested enough to listen. My life is a colorful one because of the experiences I’ve been privileged enough to have and collecting seemingly useless items connected to these experiences is my way of making these moments live on forever. You see, I believe in moments.They change and define our lives. We can all look back on the moments that made us stay, leave, fight, cry, run, leap with passion, ache with desire. Moments define us because of the decisions we make in those times. I live for moments, so much so that my husband and I started a company called Kairos Golf, based on the Greek word for an opportune moment in time, a window in time in which everything can change.

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The Best Things Come in Glass

So if you follow me on social media you would have noticed that i’ve recently participated in a Consol Glass campaign encouraging South Africans to share their memories with us in order to stand a chance to win an experience worth R5000.00. It was such a lovely campaign and the TV commercial reminded me of my childhood….a nomadic one, filled with experiences from various countries and locations. We were given memory jars to fill with items that had sentimental value and I remember doing a similar thing as a teenager: building a time capsule, filling it with memories that I wanted to share with those in the future. I would ask myself: what message would I want to share with them? Would I draw a reference to who we were as humans or who I was as a person, at the time of creating the capsule? My parents had done something similar and I remember the joy we experienced as children, rummaging through these boxes filled with items from their lives before we had come into the world. The recollection of that time in my youth filled me with so much joy that I looked forward to recreating that moment with Consol through the filling of my own memory jars. I went through some of the treasures I have kept with me and chose a chain and ring given to me by my grandparents, a scarf from my mom, my old passports and some coins from around the globe amongst other things. What would you place in your jar and which memories would you like to share with Consol? Share it with us and you could stand to win opportunity to make some more!


Competition Details

Post your memories in the comments section here on my blog or on my social media pages.

The prize details will be announced on the Consol Facebook page and the entry for the competition ends on the 15th of March.

A Consol representative will then select an overall winner from all the social posts/blog posts.


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