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Sunny Mango NutriBlast

By 10th April 2015 No Comments

Photo 2015-04-10 copyBoth summer and winter have scorned us. At least that’s what I’m choosing to believe. Ha ha ha. But on a less dramatic note, why is it so cold already? I get that A LOT of people love winter for all the obvious reasons (cuddling…fashion…comfort food for those of you that are like me and can’t quite figure it out). I truly love gorgeous Summer days but it seems to me like she’s eloped and hurried off to meet her pale lovers in the northern hemisphere. Perhaps she sensed that their pasty selves needed her more? Meanwhile Winter has arrived like an unwanted family visitor – you solemnly pray to the heavens above that they’ll realize the possible rudeness and imposition of their early coming but you can’t really stay indoors and pretend that no one is at home!

And what’s happened to poor ol’ Autumn? How uncouth of her to rsvp and not pitch! I mean I don’t mind her at all, she changes luscious emerald greens to amber, gold and burnt oranges… there’s still somewhat of a warmth and a present beauty to her.

I suppose I do say this every year and as such I should seriously consider moving to the Bahamas where their winter lasts all of three weeks and they prance around in flip flops and hoodies to ward off the chill! But alas, I love the city life too much.

Don’t get me wrong, I can definitely picture my tanned body buried in the sand, sipping cocktails for weeks on end whilst visiting my holiday abode in the Bahamas, Camps Bay or even Nice but there is something about the concrete jungle and its vibrant energy that says this is home to me. Gosh, I long to live in New York City.

So as an ode to summer here is my recipe of the week, a sunny mango Nutriblast! It’s best served chilled but with a little imagination it’s sure to remind you of your last summer vacay!


Bon Appetit!

Photo 2015-04-10




1 mango with skin

2 Tsp creamed honey (not really necessary because the mango is sweet already but if it’s not ripe it does add a nice flavour to it)

2 Tbsp Greek yoghurt. I use preservative and filler-free yoghurt.

1 Cup of carrot, cucumber and celery juice (try add some ginger for a different flavour)

Pop all the ingredients into your Nutribullet et voila!

Photo 2015-04-10 copy 3


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