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Minimum Dosage: Just 3X per week!

By 12th August 2012 No Comments

This may come as a bit of a shock to you but I have lost over 7 kgs over the last 5 months through training just three days a week! Yes, 3 days a week for an hour at a time! I’m sure many of you would gave assumed that it would have required training a least 4-5 times a week but I believe quality always trumps quantity. In the past five months there has been no faffing, wondering what exercise I should do, or wasting time in wandering around or looking around aimlessly. I used to do this when I trained on my own. I would be at the gym for no less than two hours! I could never figure out how Bill Phillips’ Body-for-Life Programme presribed just 20minutes of cardio and 45mins of weight training to achieve that body in 12 weeks! Well now I know 😉 it takes focus, determination and a drill sergeant!

Enter Carol Anthony…

Carol Anthony started training for her 40th birthday, she did it as a gift to herself. She decided that before she hit the big 4-0 she would get into the best shape of her life. Over 10 years down the line, this phenomenal wife, mom and businesswoman is inspiring women of all ages to do the same. She comes highly recommended because there isn’t a single lady in her classes or whom she trains personally, that isn’t in really decent shape. One of the ladies in my kettle bell class, Claire, is over 60 and gives me a run for my money!
Carol competes in fitness competitions, both locally and abroad, in the +35 category and has attended the World Champs in Italy last year. Her husband Rodney has been involved in weightlifting in SA for yonks and is in London at the Olympic games as I type!

I have two personal training sessions a week with Carol, on a Monday afternoon and a Thursday evening and I attend a kettle bell class on a Saturday morning. The fact that I’ve been able to achieve such great results with just three sessions a week proves that weight loss is far more dependent on healthy eating than exercise and when it comes to the value exercise, consistency is key! It doesn’t help gyming 6 days a week one month and then not training at all for the next month. This erratic routine is what causes most people to throw in the towel because without consistency you see no results! Anything done consistently over a period of time will yield results. So if I can do it by training just three days a week for an hour, what’s your excuse? I can however tell you where your challenge probably lies — the priority you place on exercise and/or food preparation.

In the past five months I have rarely changed my gym schedule. A broadcast out of town, being sick or being away for one of my hubby’s golf tournaments are the only reasons I’ve ever had for missing a session or having to reschedule one. When someone wants to set up a meeting with me on a Monday for example, I make it clear that I am available after 1:30pm because I head to the gym after my show and train between 12 & 1pm. In addition, whether I’m in bed by 7pm or 12pm on a Friday night, I’m up at 6am for my kettle bell class on a Saturday. Yes, having committed to this challenge—and therefore having committed to Carol— has perhaps made it easier to commit but it made me realise why I never saw results before—I never committed to training consistently. I would move my gym sessions around to suit my emotions, people, meetings, pretty much anything! Everything else was a priority and because I never had a schedule to stick to, it wasn’t long before I got ‘too busy to train’. A month goes by, then two, and five months later you’ve picked up more weight and what’s the only solution you can think of? Crash dieting and hitting the gym hard, six days a week! But eventually you can’t keep it up and due to the lack of commitment the vicious cycle continues!

Commitment results from choices, not conditions~ Jim Rohn

The Definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~Albert Einsten

You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created ~ Albert Einstein

This man wasn’t called a genius for nothing! In essence what Einstein is sayng here is that you cannot solve level one problems with level one solutions. Level one challenges can only be overcome by level two solutions. You have to think more creatively.

Fear of the unknown is one of the greatest challenges we face when trying to move from one level to the next. Fear robs us of good, postive, effective change and you simply cannot transform your mind—and therefore your body—without a commitment to change.

Enter the 4Change Foundation:

There is a model we use at the 4Change Foundation that assists with getting out if this vicious cycle. It depicts the process of change (see how we always come back to vision? Read my second log post: Are You Willing to Pay the Price?)
The IFCO Model, based on the Satire Model, is a visual tool used to plot your way out of any mess into a place of success:

Basically, if you are in a place of chaos (bottom), the only way to get to a place of success (which you can further develop into to a place of significance) is to change, and the change comes about through a transforming idea. The chaos represents your current challenge/obstacle or negative space, irrespective of the level i.e. 1,2,3. It could be being overweight or finding a suitable training space, having a busy schedule etc. Once you’ve defined your state of chaos you can then discover the transforming idea that will shift you out of the chaos into a stability phase. Once stable, you can work your transorming idea to the point where it yields success! The success can be linked to your vision board and associated goals. Successful implementation of your transforming idea involves taking it through a series of steps: Foundation (F) & Construction (C) so that you can Occupy (O) the next level, in other words—live in the place of the desired change.
I won’t go into the model in detail, it’s just to give you a overview of how the process works.

What are your level one challenges? Have you found a suitable level two solution?
My challenge was getting into a consistent training routine. I could train myself, having studied physiology and sport management I had all the knowldege to, but I didn’t have the discipline to keep it going consistently. My level two solution, the transforming idea was to get a trainer! One who I could trust and follow. Take time to think about your transforming ideas. Humans are incredibly resourceful and creative. We at 4Change also believe that the mind with the problem is the mind with the solution!

Worth every cent…
For many, the cost of a personal trainer is a huge obstacle to achieving their health goals. And although this fitness challenge is sponsored, I fully believe an experienced personal trainer is worth every cent. In fact I wanted to participate in a fitness challenge for a while and I wanted it to be sponsored and so I put that on my vision board!

I would recommend that you make the financial sacrifice to invest in a good personal trainer, at least for the first few weeks of your transformation challenge. I wouldn’t have started this challenge without Lauren Leigh-Porter, founder of Body Beautiful SA and I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without Carol. Be sure to do your homework before you spend your hard earned cash though.I’ll do a post on what to look out for and what to avoid when ‘shopping’ around for a personal trainer.

Lauren Leigh Porter…look at that figure!

Lauren is on the far right, in the red bikini.

I dont have a professional pic of Carol but I snapped a pic of her training the other day

Carol and I incorporate cardio elements into our weight-training routine. Perhaps I need to start out by dispelling myth that weight training ‘bulks you up’. Weight training leads to muscle definition and the gains in lean muscle mass allow you burn fat all day!

Here are some of our training routines from last week:
Saturday Kettle Bell Class:

Monday session
10 minute warm up:

Upper body:

Chest press with 8 kg dumbbells followed by fly’s with a lighter weight (4/5kgs)

Dips with a 15kg weight

Tricep Kickbacks (4kg dumbbell)

Lara crunches with a 7.5kg kettle bell

We do 4 sets of 12, 10, 10, 8 with two minutes cardio before the next set of exercise.

Thursday Night Session:

Leg workout

Reverse Squats with 5kg kettle bells

Clean and jerk squats with press ups 5kg kettle bells

Suitcase squats: pick up the kettle bells as if you’re lifting suitcases…Squat down and drop and up without picking up the weights then squat down and pick up again.

Deadlifts pick up in this position, lower…alternate

Saturday Kettle Bell Workout:

Pics: Instagram and corresponding account

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