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Don’t Change Your Diet, Change Your Lifestyle!

By 14th September 2012 No Comments

It’s a week to go before Body Beautiful South Africa — I will be hosting the show and talking about my transformation — and work-wise it has become really busy. When your schedule is fairly u cluttered it can be easier to eat healthy but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and this rings true when you have days that keep you occupied hour upon hour.

I MC’d the launch of Kelly Khumalo’s reality Tv show —Rolling with Kelly— last night and never prepped my meals beforehand. The reality is that you cannot rely on event catering when you have fitness transformation goals to achieve. The event was held at Movida in Sunninghill and although the food looked fantastic, it was nowhere near what I needed to be eating—clean. Thank goodness there is a quaint Italian restaurant next door and I ordered a chicken salad. It felt really good to make that decision. It was an empowered decision. Empowered decisions are good decisions! Empowered, informed decisions = responding not reacting. Grabbing a chocolate, a packet of crisps or any otherjunk food item when you’re hungry is a reaction. It is not thought out. If you plan your cheat meals you are still responding and that is always the position you want to be in when making food choices.

Below is a 7 days eating plan that was developed for me. It is based on the amount of calories I need to consume in order to lose weight. It was created specifically for me but I’m posting it so you get an idea of how you need to be changing your eating. It also gives you a sense of your portion control and how much you actually need to consume to feed your body!

To figure how many calories you need to consume and burn you can use a tool like calorie Count.com or myfitnesspal.com (see below)

Remember calories in should be less than calories out:

The eating plan was developed by Lauren Leigh Porter from Body Beautiful SA


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