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We’ve been toying with the idea of renovating our bathroom for ages! It was due for an update but no one was in the mood for the mammoth task which lay before us: What color tiles to choose;  is there a difference between floor and wall tiles, which brand should we opt for, should we start by updating a few key pieces or should we go for the major overhaul? And don’t get me started on the actual work – should we get someone to oversee it or go for referred contractors? While we haven’t answered many of these questions, yet, a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders through a collaboration with a brand that truly has stood the test of time: introducing Geberit. logo-geberit

It happened, per chance, as I was searching the web for inspiration and came across their bathroom planner and was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and sophisticated their range is. So when I was approached to do this campaign I couldn’t believe the timing! The team invited me to view their showroom in Johannesburg and I was super impressed by the fact that this band has been around since 1971, has continually collaborated with some of the best engineering and design minds and is pretty much the choice of brand with commercial property developers because of Geberit’s expertise from a function perspective. Then I had an ‘aha’ moment and the lightbulb went on – almost every local shopping centre or hotel bathroom I have been to in the last six months has had a Geberit toilet system installed with their signature concealed cistern – that my dear friends is A LOT of Geberit product scattered in and around Johannesburg! I suppose it’s like the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon a.k.a the frequency illusion or recency illusion in reverse!

This phenomenon occurs when the thing you’ve just noticed, experienced or been told about suddenly crops up constantly.

A great feature on display at their showroom is a before, during and after renovation section demonstrating how a bathroom can be completely renovated without compromising on function or design.


So now I’ve been noticing how popular Geberit is amongst industry professionals and with their latest brand positioning via the launch of #DesignMeetsFunction, the company is showcasing the strength of their aesthetics, meaning people like you and me can install Geberit in our homes and rest assured that while it operates with superior technology behind the wall, it still looks absolutely fabulous!

Design Meets Function

Design Meets Function

With the launch of the Geberit Bathroom Collection, we now have a new look, with the reliable technology behind the wall now supplemented by perfect bathroom design in front of the wall. This is reflected in another one of our slogans: “Design Meets Function”. With this step, Geberit uniquely combines perfect design and sophisticated functionality that makes its customers’ lives much easier. With this comprehensive know-how, Geberit is sustainably increasing customers’ quality of life. Geberit






If you are renovating and struggling to come up with a look and feel, check out their hints and tips on their website or draw inspiration here. And while I haven’t decided on my complete look just yet, I can tell you that I absolutely love their wall hung toilets and adore illuminated mirrors!





Check out my showroom experience here

Happy renovating!


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