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12 Rep Full Body Workout

By 22nd October 2012 No Comments


This is the same workout from my Carb Depleting week but it’s a great full body workout. Warren and I did it yesterday and it left us both quite stiff today.

Duration: 60 Minutes
10 Minute Warmup
40 Minute Workout
10 Minute Stretch
Pros: The nice thing about this workout is the versatility. You can replace any of the leg exercise with another leg exercise. You can switch up the kettle bell techniques too!
Cons: The drawback with this workout is the fact that you need to train when the gym is fairly empty because you need to move between stations quite frequently, you need to be able to move between the cardio and weight sections and be able use kettle bells in between, so you tend to keep weights with you. If you train in a small gym this should be ok.

Let me know how you find it!



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